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Awards Policy

NorthMUNC offers various commendations to delegates in each committee at the conclusion of the conference. Delegates will be judged on factors including but not limited to the impact of their debate, ability to understand and follow country policy, strength of research shown, and overall diplomacy when working with other delegates. Individual awards are all to be determined at the discretion of the dais. NorthMUNC also offers awards to delegations of at least 12 whose delegates consistently demonstrate the factors above. Please note that if you are registered as an individual delegate you will not be in contention for a delegation award.


Verbal Commendation
Honorable Delegate
Outstanding Delegate
Best Delegate

Outstanding Delegation
Best Delegation

Technology Policy

Technology usage is strictly prohibited inside the committee room, unless an emergency arises or by chair's direction. All research is to be completed before the conference and at no point are delegates permitted to access the Internet. If delegates have any research-related queries during committee, they may send a note to the dais asking for a response. Use of laptops or tablets to write papers will vary for each committee. Please check the background guide of each committee for specific details.

Writing Policy

NorthMUNC believes that all delegates should have a fair and rewarding experience. All written materials submitted to the dais (working papers, draft resolutions, directives, etc.) must reflect the original ideas of the sponsors. Furthermore, delegates are not permitted to bring pre-written materials to the conference. If NorthMUNC has evidence of plagiarism or pre-writing (writing clauses or directives before committee starts), delegations will be disqualified from the possibility of awards.