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Disarmament and International Security Committee


Letter from the chair

Hi delegates!

My name is Ashwin Bindra and I will be serving as your chair for the DISEC committee. I am a senior at WWP High School North. I’ve been apart of Model United Nations since my freshman year, and have served as an officer the past two years. This year I’ll be serving as NorthMUN’s Director-General. Outside of MUN, I am the President of my class, a Boys State and Boys Nation alum, serve as an editor on the yearbook staff, help out with my euro-challenge team, volunteer with NHS, and play varsity Lacrosse. I love political science, finance, and computer science and plan to study one or more of these topics in my college career. As for delegates, I believe each and everyone has their own style of leadership and do not think one is necessarily better than the other. That being said, I’m a sucker for a good speech and someone who knows how to lead and not just talk. Make sure you research well! The most important part of MUN is the learning aspect and you only get so much out of it as you put in.

I would also like to introduce one of our staffers. Palak Mehta, a sophomore at High School North. She joined MUN in her freshman year and although, she was overwhelmed at first, she soon came to love the club as a whole. Aside from MUN, she is part of school soccer and softball team and an officer for Student Council. Along with those activities, she likes to watch TV, eat ice cream, and chill with her friends. As the conference comes closer, she would love to see everyone’s passion toward MUN and the topic shine. After acknowledging that, she can’t wait to see how each one of you will bring out your own talents! Feel free to contact her at if you have any questions.

With a topic as urgent and prevalent as maritime piracy and DISEC focusing mainly on obtaining global security and preventing armed threats, it is essential to draft resolutions that will solve maritime piracy while maintaining foreign relations. Therefore, effective collaboration and innovative, yet sustainable solutions are highly encouraged. Delegates should not be afraid to voice new and different solutions and take initiative for the committee. Furthermore, extensive research, beyond the background guide, will be beneficial. That being said, I can’t wait to meet you all and have a great day of debate! If you have any questions about the background guide feel free to reach out to any of my staffers below. If you want to talk to me specifically about clubs I’ve taken apart in like Boys State my email is Can’t wait to see you guys!


Ashwin Bindra

Chair, DISEC


Letters from the Vice Chairs

Hey delegates!

My name is Phalgun Garimella, and I am a junior here at WWP High School North. Ever since my freshman year of high school, Model UN has been a large and impactful part of my life -- and I’m fortunate enough to serve as the team’s Under-Secretary-General of Financial Affairs. Aside from MUN, I’m an officer for the Student Council and North’s Business League, and I love biking around town with my friends for fun. Before coming into committee, I’d like to stress the importance of comprehensive research and diplomacy. Due to the fact that this is a relatively nuanced topic, we hope all of you come prepared to debate country policy and work with others around you. With that being said, make sure to have fun, and I can’t wait to see you all soon! Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions.

Hey guys!

I am Rohan Kohli, currently a junior at WWP High School North and the Head Delegate for NorthMUN. I joined our school’s MUN club during my freshman year. Although I was nervous at first, I grew to love the club and attained a genuine passion for Model UN. While MUN has kept me busy, I am also an officer for our school’s Model Congress team, a member of our student government, and a player on the volleyball team. Aside from my activities, I love to play basketball with my friends or watch the latest movies. When it comes to committee, I would really like to see innovative and sustainable solutions which can only come from thorough research. I wish you all the best of luck and can’t wait to see you at NorthMUNC IV! Feel free to reach me at with anything you may need